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Yoga is not going to make you great, Yoga is making you YOU

Yogi Bhajan

Are you ready for a transformational journey within,
for a more conscious living
from your heart and soul
in full bliss of who you really are?

Welcome on this inner journey


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How yoga changed my life

I always felt there must be something more to life. There was a roar inside, longing to be heared. One day,  pushed by the circumstances of life at that moment - just like Alice in Wonderland-   I dared to jump in the rabbit hole to discover a whole new dimention, a new reality…a better one...

My first lesson of Kundalini Yoga awakened a small dormant seed within me longing to grow and be, ready to shine and sparkle my very own essence.


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The power of your life is the relationship with yourself.

Who am I? What am I doing here? Aren't this questions you ask yourself from time to time?

As we transition through the cycles of life, our true self unfolds gradually. The truth of who we are is often disguised by false identities formed by our ego.


The older we become, the stronger our inner voice sounds. If you ignore it, life will make sure that you listen! We all go through major shifts and changes through life, sometimes they come as a shock. It does not have to be that way if you take time to listen to your heart from time to time.

On my journey, I met a lot of people searching for a purpose in life. A true reflection of my own search. I was out of touch with my sense of self.

Until I discovered the magic of yoga and meditation. It was a long way and it still is, but I finally found a way to strengthen the relationship with my soul and heart.

Imagine to be able to accept yourself with all your flaws. To be confident even when you look messy. To feel good in your body. To trusting your choices in life...All of this is possible!

When you are in this space, you are more resilient and you can face life more easily.

But this is a life long journey, a journey of consistency and commitment to yourself! A journey of self love and self care.

From my own experience and struggles in life, I can give you tools to accelerate this process and be ahead of times. A transformation through yoga and life coaching

How can I help you?

From my absolute passion for personal & spiritual development

it is my mission to guide you back to the essence of your true self

so that you are able to make more conscious choices 

in tune with your heart and soul.


Yoga, meditation & more


Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga, Tantra for women, Sound healing, breathing techniques, Reiki & relaxation, meditation and much more..


Retreat your self

I love to offer time and space where you can find peace within in a safe setting. It is good to take me-time from time to time and retreat yourself to expand your creative self.

One day retreats and longer retreats.


Transformational Yoga coaching

Do you feel stuck? No idea what is it that you really want in life? Do you need to make an important choice?

During my burn-out I got in touch with life design and yoga & tantra coaching.

It helped me to figure out my next steps on my life path. I'd love to guide you through.

Online & life group coaching  

One to one sessions on demand

Time to experience some yoga

Book your class

Here you can easily reserve your spot. 

Keep in mind that  locations may change.

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