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Lighthouse Yoga

Zaal Van Trier

Van Trierstraat, 40

2018 Antwerpen

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Kundalini Yoga:

Thursday: 20 pm tot 21u30 pm (thursday)

Prijzen (exchange of energy):

  • Free class: 15€   (duur les: 1u30)

  • Proevertjeskaart (3 lessen): 25€

  • 10-beurtenkaart: 115€

Inschrijven vooraf hoeft niet. Stuur gerust een mail.

No need to register. Classes in english are possible.


Yoga on demand

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Do you like to organize yoga together with your friends?

Do you prefer personal support and coaching? 

Do you like sound healing?

Together we work out one or more classes according to your personal needs and wishes.

This is possible online via zoom or at your home in small groups dependent on corona-regulations.

Sound Healing: Earth Sidereal Day Gong

This gong soundwaves relax the body very deeply. It can be used to dislodge suppressed emotions or energy blocks.


Yoga & Co

Brusselsesteenweg 376, 2800 Mechelen

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Kundalini Yoga                             

Friday 18u30 -19u45 pm (*)         


Yin Yoga

Wednesday 19u00


Prijzen (exchange of energy) (*)

  • Free les: 14€  (duur les: 1u15)

  • Proevertjeskaart: 25€ (3 lessen)

  • 10-beurtenkaart: 115€

Registering in advance is necessary  (*)

Check data on website of Yoga & Co (*)

(*) Via www.yogaenco.be


Free online courses

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Do you like to discover Kundalini yoga at your own pace? Feel free to check out my free classes available on my YouTube Channel.

Would you like to join me life on sunday morning for a free sadhana, you are more than welcome in my community 'Kundalini Yoga Sadhana' on Facebook.

If you can't join life, you can always follow the meditations later available in the group.


Experience is not needed. All welcome without registration.

Please, bring your own mat, blanket and if necessary a cushen. If you don't have this, I can provide you one. But due to safety and health reasons I advice you to use your own mat..