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You owe it to yourself, to be yourself.
Yogi Bhajan
Kundalini Yoga is something you must experience for yourself. The effect of a set of exercises (Kriya) or a meditation is very personal since we all are different and unique. Today's experience may differ from the one of yesterday.


However each kriya and each meditation is mostly designed for :

- a certain area (pelvic region, the kidneys, the spine, heart) 

- boosting a certain talent (compassion, committment, power...)

- being able to cope with challenges (reducing stress, letting go,   managing emotions etc.)

- rebalancing (ying/yang, apana/prana, chakra energies etc.)

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient form of all kinds of yoga. I find it the most holistic form of yoga since it works on the body and the mind at the same time. It digs deeper and works on a cellular level, on the nervouse system, glandular system and alters your thinking and breaks through patterns and addictive behavior and fear.


All of this can be reached through :

- a fixed set of exercices (=kriya)

- the art of sound (mantra chanting, gong vibrations)

- hand positions (mudra) to trigger certain meridian points

- breathing techniques (Pranayama),

energy awakening (kundalini energy).

- Your own willpower and intentions

The aim is to make you more concious of who you are and of your heart's desire and purpose here on earth. It expands your awareness of life itself and everything and everyone connected to you. You become more mindfull and peacefull. 

Kundalini Yoga is for everybody! Easy to apply in a busy daily schedule. It is not about difficult poses. You don't need to have a flexible body. You learn to cope wih challenges in life through resilience and commitment gained through dynamic and repititive Kundalini Yoga exercices. You always respect your bodies' signals and restrictions. But at the same time, you learn to go beyond your comfort zone.

Yogi Bahjan was the first one who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 60'ies. In India Kundalini Yoga was kept secret because it was awakening the people so that  they no longer could be manipulated. However, I try to seperate his person, behavior and current allegations from his teachings from the science of yoga he teached. This would only reinforce duality. I only listen to the guru within and can only refer to my own experience of the effect of kundalini yoga on my life .

"Follow the Teachings, not the Teacher." (Yogi Bhajan) 

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