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How Yoga  has helped me to be more myself


Everything starts with yourself.
If you want more peace in the world,start with yourself.


KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Level I & II 

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher Level 1

Certified Starchild Yoga  Teaching

Sound Healing



I love to discover new places and cultures.

This also means my own boundaries, digging deeper and peeling off the onion.

My Story


If I look back and look at myself - before I was even aware of what Yoga is -  I see a girl full of fear,  constantly playing small in order to fit in and being accepted. She did not know where to go to or which dream to pursue. Stuck to the boundaries of her safe comfort zone. Victimized by whatever life threw forward….I was lost in the jungle of life, unaware of my own potential and even thinking I did not have any...

But luckily I am a curious girl, feeling a constant need to learn and reach further. I always felt there must be something more to life. There was a roar inside, longing to be heared.

One day,  pushed by the circumstances of life at that moment - just like Alice in Wonderland-   I dared to jump in the rabbit hole to discover a whole new dimention, a new reality…a better one...

My first lesson of Kundalini Yoga awakened a small dormant seed within me longing to grow and be, ready to shine and sparkle my very own essence.


Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, became an essential part of my life. Once it transforms you slow by slow, there is no turning back. It is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This beautifull yoga technology gives me tools to dig deeper, to understand life better, especially myself. It gives me more energy, strength, confidence, intuition and wisdom. Life will still challenge you, oh yes, I still get sick, still get hurt, but what happens to me will no longer dominate me. You will be able to change the way you look at things, change the way you look at yourself,  get stronger, so that eventually the things that happen to you will change.


Working full time in HR department of a Belgian bank,  I learned to integrate Yoga in my personal life and in my business and that as a Teacher. No day goes by without having done any Kundalini Yoga, to work on a certain issue, a certain part of myself. This way I am able to keep balance and wisdom into my busy schedule, bringing me back to here and now, mindfull of what really matters. Yoga is not bound to the mat, it is a life style which fits all areas of life.

I learned that yoga actually is very down to earth. You gain personal presence. This was for me an important step in embarking the journey to pursue my dreams in a more confident way.

Due to life's circumstances and choices I made, I don't have children. But this is a conscious choice which gives me the chance to walk this path and dive deeper.

My mission​

It is my mission to bring more soul and lightness in life. I love to inspire and help you grow on your spiritual path through self-discovery and empowerment. On this journey we aim to reconnect with our heart and soul and the life that you want to live and create.


As Yogi Bahjan says: If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.

Sat Nam,

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