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Yoga & more

Siggi's holistic Yoga style is my personal touch and energy as a 'facilitator' which always is intertwined with the official style I teach since I put my heart and soul in it. However, my personal mix can deviate a little bit form the orginal style since I add other elements to it. So can a Yin class end with a meditation of kundalini yoga. And a Kundalini class can end with a free writing.  I always respect the ancient wisdom of the yoga and tantra science and phylosophy which by itself creates enough magic.


Even though I sometimes add other elements, I always respect a fixed class program: 

  • Intake moment 

  • Warming up and tuning in

  • Yoga exercises and asana's

  • relaxation

In a more personal setting we adapt the practice to your personal needs. An intake session is always done in advance.

Do you like to co-create with me?

Did you know that happiness doubles when it is shared?

I love to work together. Together we could create fantastic yoga workshops and retreats. It could be a combination of yoga, music, art, ayurveda and coaching. 

If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me. 


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