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What inspires me ?

Sigrid Van Tassel

Yes, I am a creative generalist.


I recognized myself in this description very well. While reading an article about this topic I really got myself goosebumps! A creative generalist has many interests and likes to continue growing and learning. Not bad, you think. But this can be a big problem if you don't know very well how to plan and stay focused on one thing at the same time. There were moments in my life where I started a certain program and was already checking out the next one. Once I was even following several trainings at the same time.


 'I don't have time enough'  became my mantra! This is where I realized I was running way too much ahead of myself. In combination with FOMO (fear of missing out), you can guess what happened...I got lost and dispersed...

What I also learned from yoga and meditation is that there is no need to look for a purpose or success outside of me. Just go within.

Focusing on one thing at a time, in line with my heart's desire.

Energy follows you intention. Where would you like your intention goes to?

I choose to follow the path of yoga and further self discovery through creativity, dance, music and connection with other inspiring people. 


I love to be inspired. On this page I like to share my playlists and whatever what inspires me on this journey...I hope it inspires you too.

 My playlist

After my classes many people come to me and ask me which music I used.

I use the paid version of Spotify and all my playlists are available.

My wish is to play life music in class. Currently I am learning to play the ukulele....(there is still a creative generalist in me! :-) ).


Lighthouse Kundalini Yoga Teachers

We all share one passion and want to share it with you...Kundalini Yoga.


We created a platform from where we support each other and organize events together....

The Lighthouse is the name for the sacred yoga space that our dearest Teacher and friend Mona Ahmad has started. So gratefull for her transformational Kundalini coaching weekends in 2018 who made me a better Teacher and brought all this beautifull souls together.

Thank you dear Mona, thank you yogi-sisters 


Gong & Soundhealing

Discover the healing power of sound. 

If you want to experience a very relaxing evening Lighthouse Yoga can set up an event for you in combination with Nidra Yoga or other elements depending on your needs. 

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