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Tuning in with the mantra 'Sat Nam'

Without a doubt, yoga is one of the means that cracked me open.

Every human being develops a certain survival strategy. For me personally, this was 'invisibility'. I could not speak up and could not find the right words whenever there was the opportunity. I could only express myself in art and imagination. Yoga triggered me the most to use my voice. For a long time I did not dare to speak up, afraid that I would not be accepted, not be loved. This is a long story of childhood-patterns and bullying at school. I believed that I could only rely on my own strength.

The meditations with mantra opened up my voice. When in daily life my throat was blocked, the mantra's started flowing like water gradually paving the way for more words to come. I learned to speak up, reconnect to my own feeling and opinion. This is a fundamental foundation from where I grow and become aware of who I am.

Sat Nam ('Truth is my identity').

We vibrate this mantra and end each class with it, as a reminder of this fundamental base of it all. Be you and express who you truly are.

Speak up your truth ! Be authentic, your unique self!

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