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What is 'Sadhana' en why should you practice it?

Sadhana is my holy moment of the day, entirely for myself.

It is each day a step forward to self-awareness and self-development. How you practice your sadhana-moment is up to you. It can be a moment in meditation, yoga, flow-writing in your journal or simply enjoying the silence of the morning before the world wakes up and the rat-race starts again.

There are days that I skip my sadhana! (ooh yes, there are those days). But honestly, if I don't do my sadhana, I feel it! That day I am far from my personal truth and get influenced by internal and external triggers much faster. I am running around like a headless chicken in all directions without any focus. This holy moment for myself creates magic and a big difference. It helps me to connect to my intention of the day and my intuition. It gives me personal presence.

The power of a recurring meditation

Mostly I do a kundalini yoga meditation on a certain theme. If you repeat a certain meditation a few days in a row, you go much more deeply into your subconscious. You will be able to break through patterns and habits and shift a certain way of thinking. It has that power. The more you are dedicated, the more you benefit from its fruits. In yoga science, 40 days are needed to break through a habit, but 11 days are certainly also very beneficial.

From time to time, I organize online life sadhanas, because I experienced the power of group sadhana. The group energy gives a boost to stay dedicated and find discipline to get on track.

Do you want to experience a life guided sadhana? (Mostly a 11-day challenge, where we work on a certain theme). Feel free to join the sadhana community. This is a closed group on facebook where I offer free life sadhana meditations.

Sadhana is also called tapas in yoga traditions. It comes from the well-known Yamas and Niyamas. In Niyamas 'tapas' stands for self-discipline. This is needed in the journey of self-development and dedication to your spiritual practice.

If you find peace within, you find peace in the world. It is my wish to help you get closer to your inner self. I believe in the power of sadhana or tapas. I'd love to share this life-changing habit with you.

From my heart to yours

Sat Nam

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